What's the best airport to use in London?

The PrivateFly team are airport experts. We often get asked which private jet airport in Paris is the best, and from a pilot's perspective, London City Airport is the most interesting airport to land at (given its steep and scenic approach).

London has 10 private jet airports. We recommend the following best private jet airports in London.

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Best London Airport for Opening Hours:

London Luton is the best airport in London for opening hours. Luton Airport is open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week


Closest London Airport for the City Centre:

In a major city such as London, it often makes sense to choose the airport that provides the shortest ground transfer to or from the airport. See London airport location map.



Lowest Cost Private Jet Airport in London:

Biggin Hill is the lowest cost airport in London.
The landing fees start at £150


Most Exclusive Private Jet Airport in London:

The most exclusive private jet airport in London is Royal Air Force Northolt

* RAF Northolt is the Queens Airport
RAF Northolt has 3500 landing slots for private jets per year
RAF Northolt is used by Heads of States visiting London
RAF Northolt is the most secure and safe private jet airfield in London


Most Expensive Private Jet Airport in London:

The most expensive private jet airport in London is Farnborough. 

Farnborough private jet terminal cost over £100m to build and is a stunning facility - the world's most expensive private jet terminal ever built. 

Farnborough Airport award winning architecture was designed by 3DReid Architects.

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