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Private jet shuttle between London and Amsterdam

On-demand private jet charter from London to Amsterdam is one of our most popular routes year-round, connecting two of Europe's key cities for business and leisure.

If you’re looking to fly between these cities, we’ve compared three different private jet charter options for your next trip.

Being a short flight across Northern Europe, clients flying between London and Amsterdam have a large choice of aircraft - from small jets up to large VIP airliners. We help clients choose the best aircraft for their trip, according to budget, group (or luggage) size and other requirements.

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How much does it cost to fly by private jet from London to Amsterdam?

Here are three example private jet charter options.

OPTION 1: Citation Mustang

The most popular ‘air taxi’ in Europe's on-demand charter market, the Mustang is cost-effective and convenient for this short flight.
Flight time: 45 mins
Seats: 4
Estimate charter price: £4,600 (one way) / £5,500 (overnight return)

OPTION 2: Hawker 800

The modsize Hawker 800 is growing in availability in Europe, and offers great comfort and efficiency.
Flight time: 40 mins
Seats: 8
Estimate charter price: £6,800 (one way) / £8,200 (overnight return)

OPTION 3: Legacy 600

The large body Legacy 600 gives added wow factor and performance, with a spacious luxury cabin.
Flight time: 39 mins
Seats: 13
Estimate charter price: £9,200 (one way) / £12,500 (overnight return)

Prices shown are estimates. For a personalised quote for your itinerary, contact us or call the PrivateFly team on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 (24 hours)

Amsterdam private jet airports

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located approximately 9 miles southwest of Amsterdam's city centre (a 20-minute drive). In addition to being a one of Europe's biggest hubs for airline flights, it offers dedicated facilities for private jet customers via its VIP terminal.

London private jet airports

London is the busiest city for private jet travel in Europe and offers a choice of 14 private jet airports, in different parts of the city.

These are the most popular private jet airports in London:

For private jet charter prices or advice from London to Amsterdam (or any global route) or call the PrivateFly team on +44 (0)20 7100 6960 (24 hours).

Empty legs for London & Amsterdam

Empty leg flights between London and Amsterdam can offer one-way private charter at up to 75% discount. Download the PrivateFly app for the latest private jet empty legs between Amsterdam and London, plus many other global city routings.