Chartern sie eine Piper PA61 / Aerostar 601P - Privatjet chartern

A fast, powerful and cost effective twin engine turboprop, with cruise speeds of up to 260kts, the Aerostar is one of the fastest business light aircraft in service.

Overview Summary

Originally manufactured in 1968 at Van Nuys in California by Ted Smith, the Aerostar’s light construction, powerful engines and low levels of drag gave the aircraft impressive performance and became a popular choice of light turboprop.

In 1972 a pressurized cabin was introduced, with the aircraft re-designated the Aerostar 601P. Engines featuring higher-rate turbochargers were used to provide the cabin with a pressurisation system, allowing passengers to cruise at high altitudes in comfort.


  • Seating configuration for 5 passengers
  • Large windows
  • Short takeoff and landing capabilities
  • Low charter cost

Komfort & Größe

The Aerostar offers a seating capacity for up to 5 passengers in executive configuration. Interior features include reclining leather seats, plus folding utility desks, allowing passengers to work or dine in comfort.


ModellPiper PA61 / Aerostar 601P
Geschwindigkeit237 kts
Reichweite847 nm
Stauraum30 cu.ft.
Stehhöhe1.22 m
Breite1.25 m